Siann Day Care opens at 06:00 in the morning and closes at 18:00 in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. We will be closed on all public holidays as well as for approximately 3 weeks during the December/January school Holidays. Breakfast w

  The enrollment form must be filled out and handed in together with the following supporting documents if those document's is not attached to form it will be taken as incomplete and form will be given back: Copy of both parents

  Under no circumstances may children be dropped at the gate or in the parking. Please use the entrance at Siann Day Care when you drop of your child in the morning. You can still use the old entrance in the afternoon when you collect your ch

  Please send your child in a dry nappy and dressed ready for play. Do not send your child in their pajama's or soaking wet nappies. Our mornings are very busy. Children start arriving at 6:30 am and between fixing breakfast, keeping chil

Meals will consist of breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. We provide a cooked breakfast and lunch. A full menu will be posted on the notice board. Children who arrive after 08:00 am should be fed before they arrive. Please t

  We are, by law, not allowed to give a child any medication without the express written permission of a parent or guardian. The legal ramifications of giving children medication at day care without written permission is enormous and we are n

  Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothing and a jersey every day. Make sure that all possessions are clearly marked. No responsibility will be accepted for any possessions. Please do not allow your child to bring any toys

We teach the children to wash their hands after using the potty/toilet and also before meals and snacks therefore we ask that parents encourage them to do the same at home. Our babies each have their own cot and toddlers sleep on separate mattress

  We try to follow a daily routine. It lets the children know what to expect from day to day. However, should we have too much fun outside, or playing or busy with an art project, we might change it slightly to suit our needs for that particu

Late Pick up Fee's

Extra Mural Activities
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