We are, by law, not allowed to give a child any medication without the express written permission of a parent or guardian. The legal ramifications of giving children medication at day care without written permission is enormous and we are not willing to take that chance, so please do not expect any exceptions to this policy. Please enter the administering instructions into the medicine register. No medicine will be administered if it hasn't been entered into the medicine register. Do not leave medicine in your child's bag. Please make sure all medicine is clearly marked handed in for safe storage. And please if your child is coming with transport, give the medicine to driver so that he/she can give it directly to us.

Children suffering from coughs, colds or any other infectious diseases must be kept at home until they have fully recovered. Please inform the school if a child is to be absent.

Parents of a child with a diagnosed contagious condition (measles, pink eye, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) are asked to notify the school as soon as possible, so that we may alert parents to watch for symptoms in their own children.

No matter how much we watch and how careful we are, accidents are going to happen occasionally. Minor cuts and bruises suffered while at day care will receive proper first aid care.

If a serious accident should occur, parents will be contacted for instructions; unless this would endanger your child's life, in which case the school reserves the right to seek immediate medical assistance. The parent or legal guardian will be liable for any costs resulting from such assistance. All injuries will be documented.




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