Meals will consist of breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. We provide a cooked breakfast and lunch. A full menu will be posted on the notice board.

Children who arrive after 08:00 am should be fed before they arrive. Please try and avoid giving your child snacks in the morning before breakfast.

If your child has allergies, or requires a special diet, then please provide full details on the enrolment form to avoid your child being given the wrong food.

We have a tuck shop on Friday afternoons, but please do not send more than R5 to school.

Parents of babies will need to supply all formula. We will provide you with suggested feeding routines at various stages of your baby�s development. These are a guideline only, and parents will always have a final say in when and how any changes should be implemented in their child�s feeding routine. When our babies start eating solids, table food will be mashed and given to them.


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