Please send your child in a dry nappy and dressed ready for play. Do not send your child in their pajama's or soaking wet nappies. Our mornings are very busy. Children start arriving at 6:30 am and between fixing breakfast, keeping children happy, unpacking bags etc, we just do not have time for extra chores that should already have been done.

We will be working with messy materials (such as painting) and other activities throughout the day and we also spend a lot of time outside. Do not dress your child in any clothes that you feel sorry for, they will get messy.

In summer children may come barefoot but please make sure your child has sneakers in their bag should the weather change suddenly. Clothing should be comfortable for outdoor play.

Each child must have a complete change of clothing in case of an accident and also a jersey/jacket if it gets cold. These clothes should be labelled with your child's name.

When your child starts potty training please send them in easy to remove clothing. We also require you to send 3 complete changes of clothing, including socks in winter. Soiled clothing will be rinsed and placed in a plastic bag in your child's bag. Please replace clothing the next day.




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