The enrollment form must be filled out and handed in together with the following supporting documents if those document's is not attached to form it will be taken as incomplete and form will be given back:

  • Copy of both parents / legal guardian's ID documents.

  • Copy of immunization records.

  • Copy of ID of person/s nominated to pick up your child. This is very important because we cannot allow any child to leave with anyone except the person on your child's pick-up authorization form.

Newsletters and invoices/statements will be put in your child's bag or will be mailed to you, so please check your child's bag in the evening.

It is every parent's responsibility to notify the school as soon as possible of any changes to your child's address, phone numbers, illness, allergies etc. We must be able to contact you at all times.

Fund raising events are held throughout the year and the money raised will be used to replenish toys, equipment etc. and upgrade SIANN Day Care and Pre-primary. We appreciate any donations from our parents, whether it is old toys, paper or art supplies, old clothes for dress-up, etc. Children's books, music discs and dvd's are also welcome.




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